CLIENT CASE: SEB – new head office

SEB opened a four-person delegation in Finland in 1984. Today it operates only one branch, but employs around 350 members of staff. At the turn of the 2010s, SEB’s growth meant it had already spread to two buildings on a property on Unioninkatu. The premises overall were labyrinthine and there was a large renovation on the horizon. It was time to take a look at the alternatives, and cooperation with Ecorum began. The year was 2014.

Professionals identify hidden potential

Ecorum’s team began to map and investigate leased spaces offered by various owners. Before long the team found that a building owned by LähiTapiola on Eteläesplanadi perhaps contained a solution that met all the client’s criteria and wishes. The idea seemed financially and technically feasible, even though the building’s lease agreements would have to be reorganised and the premises fully renovate.

Lease agreement in 2015, move in 2017

A lease agreement was signed in January 2015, construction began a year later, and the move to the new premises took place according to the planned schedule in April 2017. That demolition work on the building took almost six months perhaps reveals the extent of the changes. SEB leased approximately 5,500 m² of space; almost the entire eight-storey building, with the exception of the two uppermost floors.

A clear contract and documentation

Ecorum acted as an advisor from the spatial needs specification phase until the final inspection and implementation of the new SEB building. A specialist was needed particularly during the preparation of the lease agreement, when the quality of the spaces to be constructed for the tenant is documented and future maintenance responsibilities are agreed. The selection of other important partners, such as an interior architect and technical supervisor also went smoothly with Ecorum’s help.

Focusing on a change in culture and working methods

SEB was also aiming at a functional change – from a labyrinthine office to a multipurpose one, with the designer beginning with individual needs, working methods, and the visitor experience. There was a desire to move away from the stuffy cabinet and bank branch feel during customer meetings. The new café, for example, has received good feedback all round.

Everyone involved in design

Almost the entire staff participated in the design and moving preparations. Naturally, the efforts of the HR and IT departments in moving was significant, as was the role of the procurement department and SEB Group’s own
property unit in construction matters. The Finnish organisation’s CFO Nikolas Rokkanen bore primary responsibility for the distribution of work among corporate management.

Why do we need a professional, and how do we make use of one?

”Many corporate managers don’t face any significant premises projects in their careers, and so very few of them have solid experience in the area. That’s why we carefully prepare a project and allocate resources. We know that surprises can crop up even in the implementation phase, and there are a whole range of details that need to be coordinated. Once we had found a suitable advisor for these situations, we knew at every step of the way whether a matter was trivial, important, or critical. With Ecorum’s support, we were able to compromise at the right time, and consistently safeguard our interests in critical issues. As such, cooperation between the lessor and the primary contractor Lemminkäinen went very smoothly,” explains Nikolas Rokkanen.

A challenging project, a positive mood

“Ecorum also assisted us with project management group work, overseeing e.g. the implementation and costs of agreed details. From my own perspective the project was marked throughout by a positive mood, even though I took care of the challenging project alongside my other tasks. It felt as though there were a red phone on my table that I could use at any point to check whether my own views were accurate – or to ask a specialist to suggest a solution. I can warmly recommend this operating method and partner to others. Our project reached its end goal very successfully,” adds Rokkanen.

Nikolas Rokkanen


Finnish Cultural Foundation - sale of office portfolio

The Finnish Cultural Foundation had decided to sell its three office properties and was looking for a competent partner to arrange the sale of the portfolio to domestic and international investors. We took care of the entire sales process, from sales strategy to implementing the transactions with success.

Metso Corporation – development and sale of the head office property, plus new premises

We first developed the old head office property on Fabianinkatu, then arranged the highly successful sale of the property on the international market. Finally, we scouted and found new leased premises for Metso headquarters in Sanomatalo in Helsinki CBD.

Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission – office property rezoning for residential use, sale of property and new premises

The successful redevelopment and sale of the high value headquarter property located in Tähtitorninmäki strengthened the society’s economy well into the future. And what’s more, the society also greatly benefited from the new cost-effective premises we found for them in Pasila, Helsinki.