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In transactions we act as advisors to the seller or the buyer. Our strengths include solid expertise and experience with estimating property values, the capability to develop the property if necessary, and our strong process-related skills in organising sales, and what’s more – we have a good reputation.

We have extensive investor contacts in Finland and abroad, and we know the best transaction methods. The best sales structure for the situation is selected on a project-specific basis. We can contact potential buyer(s) discreetly and carry out off-market sales as necessary. If we know a property will attract a lot of interest, the most common choice is a two-stage auction method.

We know what buyers value and what they avoid. Through development, we aim to rectify any deficiencies that can be corrected profitably before a sale and without endangering the schedule of a sale. We also know what buyers need to know, and as specialists we ensure that numerous additional questions are dealt with carefully, until the transaction is complete.

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