EXPOREAL 2018 – what a positive event with a few clouds in the sky!

If the money I am investing would be my own – should I make the investment to fulfill my target? If the premises become vacant, can I lease them? Do I really believe in the deal? These simple questions may advise before making the final decision to purchase.

In Munich I noticed some investors having doubts and concerns about how long ‘the party’ continues. Some funds have even stopped raising money as they feel that pricing has reached levels, which is not sustainable. This makes finding properties with decent risk levels while fulfilling their return requirements even harder. They rather wait – hard decisions with this much activity and money around. Investors face the difficult question, what happens if this level is the normal level in the future? Staying out means they miss the train – very frightening and confusing.

Finland, and especially Helsinki, is currently on the map of many. We are booming like it was 2007-2008. Several sizeable properties are on the market and price levels are higher than ever seen here before. Interest to these properties is evident and somehow the feeling is that many deals will be closed in the coming months. Let’s enjoy!

Aarne Nurminen