Ecorum acted as advisor for If insurance company in Turku premises project

Ecorum scouted the premises market for best possible alternatives for If and advised the insurance company to a favorable outcome with the lease agreement negotiations. The successful premises project lead to a lease agreement extension for ca. 17 500 m2 office premises which are located in Kupittaa Turku.

The preliminary advisory work with If insurance company and Ecorum began during the first quarter of 2017. If had already outlined the goals and needs for the future premises. Ecorum’s advisers initiated the project in Spring 2017. During the first phase of the premises project property owners were contacted and various opportunities were investigated for alternative premises.

By the end of August’s deadline Ecorum had received a dozen proposals from which three best were chosen for further negotiations. Furthermore, If’s goals and needs for futures premises were fine-tuned at this stage.

After careful consideration and planning it was decided that the current premises located in Kupittaa served If’s goals and future needs the best possible way. The negotiations culminated in December 2017 when If signed the lease-extension.

Additional information:
Aarne Nurminen, CEO
+358 50 511 4456