Aditro’s space requirement halved during contract period

Aditro provides companies with payroll and personnel management software and outsourcing services. Aditro’s head office in Finland is in Leppävaara, Espoo. In the autumn of 2019, approximately 2,400 sqm of leasable area became vacant as Aditro sold a part of its business operations and the staff was reduced by approximately 120 people.

As the lease was still reasonably remaining and subleasing of the extra space would have been challenging, Aditro decided to find a partner in the real estate industry to resolve the situation as a support function to the management. Moving to a completely new address was also among the options, as the old premises in Sola Business Valley required refurbishments in order to meet Aditro’s current needs.

Ecorum searched for viable new premises and acquired competing offers from the market, which were compared to the terms offered by the representatives of the German landlord. A very competitive alternative was found on the market that suited well with Aditro’s needs.

Once Ecorum had summarized the alternatives and prepared calculations, negotiations with the landlord could also be resumed on a factual basis. Aditro’s goal, of course, was to decrease the leasable area as quickly as possible, and detailed negotiations regarding refurbishment costs of the new premises were held until the new lease agreement was signed.

Finally, everything ended well, and a new lease was signed in early March 2020, after more than three months of work. Aditro’s new premises consist of ca. 2,500 sqm, compared to 4,900 sqm in the previous lease. The space solution is now suitable for about 150 workstations instead of the previous – more than 300.

At Aditro, Facilities Manager Jussi Lyytinen is responsible for property management and Mr. Lyytinen as well as the country management worked closely in the steering group of the premises project. “From the beginning, Ecorum showed a genuine interest in the customer’s situation, which made the choice easy. I learned to value the fact that the experts we used were always available and our questions were answered quickly. The project and contract negotiations gained momentum and attitude, says Lyytinen.

“The financial outcome of the project is also very good. We got rid of the burdens of the old lease agreement and a very satisfactory negotiation result on renovation costs. As a bonus, we even avoided an expensive move. Our landlord avoided the vacancy of our nearly 5,000 sqm office space in a challenging market situation and made us a good long-term tenant, albeit with slightly smaller premises. Everyone won in the end, Lyytinen sums up.